Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Straighten out opinions with the facts

Bill Denny's letter of Feb. 15 attempts to show that progressives are not interested in helping people. His descriptions tell us more about his point of view than they do the issues involved.

Editorial writing getting 'worser'

In the Feb. 21 editorial "Budget deadline could be problem," the first sentence reads, "The state's budget mess just keeps getting worser and worser." It appears the writer of this sentence requires some remedial training in grammar.

My English teacher (Miss Heath) would give a big "F" for this editorial.

No wonder our young people say "you know" all the time.

Gun bill corrects flawed legislation

I write in response to the Feb. 16 article, "Bill sent to Trump allowing mentally ill to buy firearms."

This article amounts to "alternative facts," except for the last two paragraphs many people probably did not read.

Who are the 75,000 people who would have been prevented from owning firearms?

Wonderful story about farming

What an inspiring story about Carol Wock's transition to organic farming and her donation of organic farmland to Prairie Rivers Network (Feb. 13, "Her family motto: 'Farming without harming'").

The amount of hard work and deep thinking that Carol has put into her farming practices are staggering ... and to think she's putting all of this in motion at the age of 78.

Treating addiction only way forward

Addiction. Author David Sheff has recently visited C-U. Even though I missed his talk, I feel I know him after reading his book "Beautiful Boy." It is the brutally frank, wonderfully insightful story of a family consumed by an addicted son.

Davis must change or face defeat

Rodney Davis's tele-town hall was disappointing and surprising in many different ways. Most seriously, the format did not allow for constructive dialogue between his and his constituents. Rather, it gave Davis an opportunity to regurgitate his talking points without question or challenge.

Elect a mayor who thinks ahead

Urbana's mayor is a bulldog.

After the state passed the law allowing Carle to avoid paying property taxes, the mayor filed lawsuits against Carle — and the city may win that lawsuit.

Streets filled with mismanagement

A recent lengthy letter, extolling the accomplishments of Urbana's Mayor Laurel Prussing, prompts my response.

Writer was wrong to praise Trump

So Len Gingerich of Phoenix was amused by June Ellen Leyerle's concerns expressed in a Feb. 19 letter.

Let's look at what's so funny.

Too many guns, too much gunplay

Gun insanity in the U.S. has reached an ironic watermark. I was sickened to read that President Donald Trump is about to sign legislation allowing the mentally ill to buy firearms.