And another hat in the ring

Democrats so far have five candidates running to unseat the governor in 2018.

Here's one thing Democratic voters will not be saying a year from now: There aren't enough candidates for governor.

Hard job to fill

Not only will Urbana have a new mayor, but also a new police chief.

When a high-profile public official retires, the reaction is uniformly positive. "Years of great service." "Big shoes to fill" and other time-honored compliments.

Willing to pay for the best

With millions coming in from its Big Ten television deal, the UI athletic department has the money to hire a new basketball coach — while other needs go wanting.

Leaving the Land of Lincoln

Illinois is badly trailing the leading states in job growth and lower unemployment.

Just won't quit

If Rod Blagojevich had been as honest as he is tenacious, he wouldn't be locked up.

You've got to give former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich credit.

Relentlessly corrupt during his six years in office, Blagojevich is similarly relentless in trying to persuade the federal courts to let him out of prison early.

No sure thing

The ash heap of history is littered with the carcasses of surefire winning coaches who lost.

Turnover goes with territory

U.S. attorneys come and go with the political seasons.

U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Sessions has taken considerable heat recently for requesting the resignations of 46 holdover U.S. attorneys.

Lincoln Library back in the news

An issue that hadn't been heard from in a while has made a surprise comeback.

Nearly three years after Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan first embraced the idea of making the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum a separate entity, he's again taking up the banner of secession.

Plugging away on prisons

State officials are taking a series of baby steps aimed at ensuring that only those people who need to be in prison are in prison.

Shortly after Gov. Bruce Rauner took office in January 2015, he made it clear that there are too many people in Illinois prisons.

Rauner on the ropes

A public opinion poll shows the governor's long political battle with House Speaker Michael Madigan is taking a heavy toll.

The people of Illinois continue to be angry — bordering on enraged — over the shockingly inept manner by which its top officials run the state.

Who says? "They" say?